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5 ways to develop this mind-muscle connection

1. Lose the distractions

Chatting between sets or thinking about what you have to do after your workout are things that can take your mind out of your training zone and in essence cause you to have only a physical workout. You have to focus on what you are doing and be in the moment. When you feel your mind wandering, stop what you are doing and take a few breaths to put yourself back into what it is you are doing.

2. Be one with the Muscle

Whatever muscle you are working, put your mind there and think about it working. Picture yourself in the muscle and how it fires off and how it is developing. I guarantee you will have to decrease the weight when you do this. Digging into your mind causes your workouts to be much more efficient and therefore less weight is needed. Hence my G-Fit workouts of the day which require very limited weight and often no equipment. I focus more on the mind-body connection than I do the amount of weight being lifted.

3. Yoga

Yoga is an excellent way to develop this mind muscle connection through movement and meditation. The practice of yoga forces you to dig into your mind and be present. Heated yoga is even a more advanced variation that will take this mind body connection to another level. It is hard to hold a balancing posture when your mind isn’t 100% fully focused on the present moment.

4. Music

Music is everything. Find the kind of music that puts you into the zone and focus. Whatever type of music that is use it to help you connect with your mind and be present in what you are doing.

5. Mind-Food

Just like your body physically needs food for survival, our minds need “food” to positively fuel our workoutsand daily activities. Mind-Food comes in the form of thoughts. Feed your mind with positive thoughts and affirmations to keep you in a great place and thriving on positive energy. Every day, start by feeding your mind before you feed your body. A little bit of mind food, or what I also like to call “soul food”, can go a long way. A simple positive thought in the morning will help you develop a stronger mind- muscle connection that will overflow into more efficient workouts.

I hope this helps you take your training to the next level. It is all about your mindset! Go into your workouts with the right mindset and focus and watch your body transform.

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